After School Support


After School Support is now open! Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from noon to 3:00 PM in the SHS Library. Bring homework and get help or just visit with you friends. This is a great time to do you your one on one check in with Elizabeth or Karoline, too.

Check In Procedures:
If are attending in person classes this day and received your wrist band, you can come directly to the library any time between noon and 3pm.

If you are an athlete playing a current sport, check in at the Mini Dome like normal then come to the Library.

For all other students, including those doing online only or who have class on different days you need to contact Elizabeth and have her meet you in the SUB to do your check in. You need to use the ScreenMeIn App and have your temperature taken. You also need your mask.

Everyone must wear a cloth face mask and stay six feet apart at all times. Hand sanitizer will be given out when you arrive and the tables will be sanitized before and after use, as will the computers. Round tables will be set up six feet apart and two students may sit across from each other. If you want a table to yourself, that is OK too!

Snacks will be provided like normal, but for safety reasons they will be given when you leave the Library.

Contact Elizabeth Rush or use Remind if you have any questions or to let us know you need check in.


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