Alumni Introductory Post


As a graduate of Georgetown, I know firsthand the high quality of education provided to students. I appreciate not only the education I received, but also the values that Georgetown instilled in me—a critical perspective on the world and a focus on social justice. I am also proud that the University has become a leader in sustainability and sought to involve students in decision-making.

Considering this leadership role, I find it contradictory that Georgetown invests its endowment—and therefore alumni donations—in the fossil fuel industry. Extraction and consumption of fossil fuels pollute the natural environment, deteriorate health, and exacerbate climate change. Though we all feel these impacts, they disproportionately affect poor communities and communities of color.

Unfortunately, efforts to transition away from fossil fuels have been hindered by the industry’s money, political connections, and tacit acceptance from institutions like ours. This is where Georgetown can play a role by publicly ending its investments in fossil fuels. A mass divestment movement can both harm these corporations’ bottom lines and delegitimize them in the court of public opinion, aiding communities’ efforts to reclaim their land, health, and economies. Many leaders in the environmental community have joined students on more than 200 campuses across the country in calling for divestment. Students have already raised this issue on campus, giving Georgetown the opportunity to lead this blossoming movement.

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