February Stipend

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Riva has raised the amount you can earn each month to $40!

Please note that due to staff changes we are a few months behind in issuing stipend checks. If you are concerned if your previous grade checks were received you can check with Riva Villa (villar@evergreen.edu). Please also make sure that you are sending your grade checks to RIVA and not Elizabeth. Some students were emailing the wrong person and it was causing additional paperwork and slowing down processing of stipends


Instructions for completing Upward Bound grade checks during COVID-19 remote operations: Take a picture or screenshot of your current grades in Skyward, complete the reflection questions below using Microsoft Word or Google Docs, insert the picture/screenshot of your grades into the document (or attach it separately via email), and email it/share it with Riva Villa (villar@evergreen.edu) by Mar. 2, 2021.

Reflection Questions

Please attach a separate sheet of paper and thoughtfully respond to each of the following questions. Only complete responses that meet the minimum word count/page length will be considered for a stipend.

1. Which classes did you feel most confidently about this month and why? What is one interesting thing you did or learned in these classes? (at least 3 sentences)

2. Which classes made you worry about your grades this month and why? What could you do differently in these classes to bring up your grades? (at least 3 sentences)

3. From the application for the Optimize Scholarship, due March 12, 2021 (300-500 words): Big or small, discuss a situation where you have overcome adversity. How has that adversity affected your life? How do you think that this adversity will actually serve to benefit you in the future?

Instrucciones para completar la verificacion de calificaciones durante las operaciones remotas de COVID-19: Tome una fotografía o captura de pantalla de sus calificaciones en Skyward, complete las Preguntas de reflexión a continuación utilizando Microsoft Word o Google Docs, inserte la imagen/captura de pantalla de sus calificaciones en el documento (o incluyalo por separado por correo electrónico) y envíelo por correo electrónico compártelo con Riva Villa (villar@evergreen.edu) antes del 2 de marzo de 2021.


Preguntas de reflexión

Incluya una hoja de papel separada y responda cuidadosamente a cada una de las siguientes preguntas. Solo se tendrán en cuenta las respuestas completas que cumplan el número mínimo de palabras/longitud de página para un estipendio.

1. ¿Qué clases te sentiste con más confianza sobre este mes y por qué? ¿Qué es algo interesante que hiciste o aprendiste en estas clases? (al menos 3 frases)

2. ¿Qué clases te sentiste con más confianza sobre este mes y por qué? ¿Qué es algo interesante que hiciste o aprendiste en estas clases? (al menos 3 frases)

3. De la aplicacion de la beca Optimize, que se vence el 12 de marzo de 2021 (300-500 palabras): Grande o pequeña, discuta una situación en la que usted haya superado una adversidad. ¿Cómo ha afectado esa adversidad su vida? ¿Cómo cree que esa adversidad le servirá para beneficiarlo en el futuro?

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