Hybrid Learning with Upward Bound


Welcome to Third Trimester at Shelton High School. I know for some of you this will be your first time on the high school campus, for others this is old hat, you have been here a thousand times, and some of you are not returning at all, instead opting to continue to learn online. No matter how you are attending classes your schedule was emailed to you by the counseling center. If you have any questions, please reach out, I am here to help you. Speaking of schedules, please fill out this short form so we know how best to support you.

No matter what your schedule is or how you are attending classes, you need to be on time and present to every class every day. 

When Is Elizabeth On Campus?

I am currently scheduled to be at Shelton High School Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 11:00 AM to 2:20 PM. This is because I work for The Evergreen State College and like all colleges in Washington State, Evergreen is having staff work from home. If I can show that students want to meet with me at times other than when I am scheduled to be at SHS, I may be able to get permission to change my hours and spend more time with you.

What About After School Support?

The high school has not approved Extended Learning or After School Support at this time. I have also not been approved to use the Library or other areas where a small group can gather.

At this time, I can only meet with students one on one in my office. If is nice out we might be able to do a small group outside.

I know that student athletes are allowed to stay after school to eat lunch and study before sports starts. If you are staying after school and have your own transportation, we can arrange to meet one on one.

How To Meet With Elizabeth?

Since I can only meet with students one on one in my office we have to schedule a meeting time. Send me an email, a Remind, or an DM with your school email, the day and time you want to meet and what you want to meet about. Weekly check-in is a great reason! I will respond to your school email with a schedule confirmation. Meetings scheduled during class time will last 15 minutes. After school meetings may be longer if you want and other students are not waiting.

Students are allowed to meet with the counselors, Native Ed, and Upward Bound staff during the school day. Just show the confirmation email to your teacher and they will let you go.

Running Start and Distance Only students can still meet with me during school hours. Check in and do the health screen in at the front office (A-Building). You may need to show the confirmation email.

Where Is Elizabeth's Office?

My office is in the 800 building right next to the Welding Classroom. It does not actually have a room number, but just go down the hall, turn right and it is the only door on the right hand side.

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