October Events 2020

All events can be found on zoom at https://evergreen.zoom.us/j/7434703576
Zoom Meeting ID 743 470 3576

Friday, Oct. 16 at 2 PM
Join Tabatha for Zoom Yoga and meditation. Tabatha worked for Upward Bound over the summer and lead Yoga workshops for us. She is helping us continue our Yoga practice into the school year as part of our focus on resilience and wellness. No experience needed.

Snack Box Pick Up at 3:30 PM
Meet UB staff at SHS to pick your snack pack for the month. We are trying to hand these out each month.

Tuesday, Oct. 20 4PM
Since we can’t go on a field trip to to the college fair, we are bringing the college fair to you. Workshops, live zooms with hundreds of colleges, and tons of info. If you miss the field trip, the college fair will be live until Thursday 10/22. Recordings of the Workshops will be available until December. https://pnacac.swoogo.com/pnacac

Thursday, Oct. 27 10 AM
Are you interested in attending Gonzaga, Northwest, PLU, St. Martin’s or Whitworth? Act Six awards 30 full tuition, full need scholarship to “diverse, multicultural cadres of young people who want to use their college education to make a difference on campus and in their communities” to attend these universities. A representative of this scholarship will be giving a talk during advisory. Please use our zoom link https://evergreen.zoom.us/j/8890350706.

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