Welcome, Philip Gyamfi!

Please welcome Upward Bound Shelton’s new Educational Advisor, Philip Gyamfi! Philip’s office is in the 800 building at Shelton High School and we encourage students to come by and welcome him to SHS!

A little bit about who Philip is and what he likes best about being a part of Upward Bound Shelton:
“I am African, I was born in Kumasi, Ghana. I moved to US in 2010. I am the first of my family to attempt and get a bachelor’s degree. I was admitted at Evergreen State College and graduated from there in 2019, however I studied at UW Jackson school and SIT for International Studies. My BA focused on Political Science and International Studies.
I like Upward Bound because I believe Upward Bound is not just a college prep program but serves as a resource for the development and empowerment of youth as they transition to become decision makers. In my opinion, the work Upward Bound does is necessary and should be mandatory. I like sports, playing and watching. My favorite is football or as they call it here Soccer ⚽”

Welcome, Philip! 😁👏🏽

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